Become a Sister

The active and comforting presence of the SNJM Sisters was inspiring as soon as they arrived in Lesotho in 1931. Their values, cooperative approach and contribution to the development of local communities led many women to join our Catholic religious congregation. Nowadays, it is women native to our country who provide the SNJM presence in Lesotho.

A woman who feels a call from God for the consecrated life is called to follow a discernment process. During her formation process with sisters of our congregation, she will validate her fields of interest, including teaching, commitment to the marginalized, health, justice, the approach towards the full development of the person and prayer.

After her formation, she will make three vows:

  • Chastity, with a commitment to celibacy in response to God’s call and to witness to his love
  • Poverty, by accepting to live the simplicity of life through constant internal conversion
  • Obedience, by a constant search to fulfill God’s will in an attitude of inner freedom

Serving in the Church, we are faithful to the charism of our foundress, Blessed Marie-Rose Durocher. Our mission is deeply rooted in a spirituality inspired by the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary.

Anyone interested is invited to contact the SNJM Provincial Administration Office or to speak directly with a SNJM Sister.