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It was on May 23rd when Maryland Convent engendered rule number 14 of the SNJM — “Restoration of Human Dignity”. To advance rule 14, there was a session on rule number 3, on charism; “that their lives should exhibit love of one another.”

Since they were already Christians, they need not be taught from scratch about the death and resurrection of Jesus. Rather, they should instil contextual theology in them, to inculcate in them to lead Christian lives that bear fruits of salvation. They were reminded that a Christian is expected, during Lent, to bear the sufferings of Christ in their lives, and, after celebrating Easter, like Jesus gave Himself unto us. In a similar manner, they gave themselves to the poor and vulnerable by giving them food and clothes. In so doing they lived rule number 10.

In the photos are descendants of Marie Rose.

The St. Theresa Convent celebrated with boarding girls in remembrance of how Marie Rose dedicated her life to the well-being of girls.