Congregation Congratulates the 2020 Sister Graduates

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On 6 December 2020, the whole province assembled at Peka to congratulate eight sisters who graduated from different institutions in 2020.

The celebration was very good and interesting. The Saint Theresa community at Belabela entertained the sisters with a drama and danced to a song called “Jerusalem”. The sisters enjoyed very much the entertainment.

During the gathering, the rules of the corona virus were observed, such as wearing mask and keeping social distancing. Sister Marcelina Konyana delivered a gratitude speech on behalf of the graduates. She explained that it was not easy for them to study since they are adults but today they are grateful because they see the results of their hard work.

Our provincial, Sister Catherine Ntoloane congratulated the graduates and thanked them on behalf of the Province for making it. She said their success is the success of the congregation, their education is going to benefit the congregation and spread its mission. Sister Catherine danced with joy as she was delivering the speech and everybody gave applause of joy. After her speech, she gave the graduates presents. The celebration ended with delicious food.